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3 Spooky Misconceptions About Working with Cloud Backup Systems

Data security is one of the highest priorities for a company in the modern age. Before cloud backup, files and important business data were stored on documents that were protected by antivirus software and other forms of security. If these systems somehow went down, the owner of a business could potentially have lost a lot of information to the virus. Really, the only way to prevent such a disaster was to have files on backup via flash drives or external hard drive.

With the creation of the cloud backup system, business owners no longer have to be concerned about backing up their information to physical drives. However, there are still some owners who are dubious about the cloud and have some nightmares about what they think could happen if something goes wrong. Here are the top three misconceptions about the cloud, cloud computing, and backup systems.

1. Is My Data Safe from Being Seen by My Cloud Provider?

Privacy is always at the forefront of any business owner dealing with sensitive data. In the days when data was regularly backed up on flash drives, privacy seemed to be more….private.

With the implementation of cloud backup systems into daily business lifestyle, some owners may be worried that their sensitive information can be accessed by their cloud provider. Providers build security programs to ensure that even they cannot access your data. Remember, your data is their business and livelihood. If word were to get out that a cloud provider was peeking at user data, the industry for clouds could easily crumble.

2. Security in Cloud Backup Systems Cannot Be Increased

Yes, your cloud solution does already come stocked with some very high security measures. However, even though you can’t figure out how to secure your system more at a surface level, doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. Your local Dallas IT support and services company can easily add extra security to your cloud-based services through key management servers and encryption management keys.

3. I Don’t Need to Follow a Fad

If your business works with Google Drive, Dropbox, or even Gmail, you are already utilizing cloud computing in your daily life. The cloud system is not going anywhere but up from here. Don’t let your fear for change in technology hold your company back any longer. The cloud is not a fad and it can only push your business further into its success.

AdvaTech Solutions Chases Your Cloud Nightmares Away

At AdvaTech Solutions we know how scary technology can be for a small business. That is why we have implemented our own cloud system for our clients, the AdvaStart Cloud. Our cloud solutions are designed to be cost effective and increase your productivity while at the same time keeping your business data safe.

If you are a Dallas area business that is in need of IT support services but does not want to have to create an entire department, AdvaTech Solutions can help you. Call us today to find out about our numerous IT services that we offer to our clients. Your business tech security is our job, and we will be happy to go over our guarantees that we offer each client.