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Veteran owned and family operated. From modest beginnings to nationwide coverage, AdvaTech Solutions has been providing professional level IT support since 1997. We’ve built one of the best IT Companies in Dallas by helping businesses eliminate IT headaches with fanatical IT support; helping them get the most from their technology investments; and reducing the risk of cyber-attacks through the promotion of multi-layered security solutions and training.

Quote from the CEO

“With all the businesses that we provide IT assessments for, there seems to be a common theme. Their existing IT company is completely negligent and bordering on incompetence. It is scary to see how close some of these businesses are to being one disaster away from losing it all. This keeps us driven to find and help as many of these businesses as we can before it’s too late.”

Shane Cupps
President and CEO – AdvaTech Solutions, Inc.


Company Values

Integrity. Passion. Accountability. Attention to Detail. Quality.

These core values the company was founded on have been driving our success for over 23 years. We believe in treating clients the same way we would like to be treated ourselves, which is why everything we do is tied back to our values. From hiring new team members to selecting vendor partners, we only look for those that possess these same qualities to ensure our clients get the absolute best IT services they deserve from IT companies in Dallas like AdvaTech Solutions.

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