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Comprehensive Commercial Real Estate IT Solutions

At AdvaTech Solutions, we’re attuned to the distinct IT needs of your commercial real estate, property management, or leasing firm. Our certified IT professionals deliver comprehensive managed services designed to propel your business forward.

Enjoy peace of mind with our flat-rate pricing, covering everything from device and application support to server maintenance, network security, and Microsoft 365 assistance. Let our dedicated team handle your IT concerns while you focus on business success. Experience the transformative power of expertly managed IT support with us.

Remote Support

We prioritize swift and efficient IT support for commercial real estate firms. Speak directly with our dedicated IT support technicians who specialize in serving the real estate industry for prompt assistance. With our advanced remote support capabilities, we can resolve most IT issues quickly and efficiently, minimizing disruptions to your practice.

Onsite Support

Our team is well-equipped to handle a wide range of commercial real estate IT problems remotely, but in the rare event that an on-site visit is required, we’ll work closely with you to schedule a convenient time for our technicians to inspect and troubleshoot any issues. Our goal is to optimize your IT performance and prevent any potential outages.

Staff Onboarding / Offboarding

Our approach centers on effective and efficient staff onboarding and offboarding. We offer solutions that simplify these processes, handling secure network credentials and guaranteeing uninterrupted system access for newcomers. With a strong emphasis on cybersecurity, we prioritize data protection to provide a seamless and secure journey for your organization and its staff.

Cyber Protection and Security

For commercial real estate firms, cyber protection is crucial. Safeguarding confidential client data, preserving privacy, and warding off unauthorized access are of utmost importance. Our real estate IT security expertise guarantees strong defenses against threats, offering peace of mind. Rely on us to secure your business with top-tier solutions, ensuring the safety of your clients and organization.

Proactive Maintenance

To ensure uninterrupted operations, efficient maintenance of your commercial real estate firms’ computers, servers, and cloud systems is essential. This minimizes disruptions, and with AdvaTech’s after-hours commercial real estate IT systems maintenance, it becomes hassle-free. Our expertise guarantees optimized and secure access to the systems you rely on to provide exceptional service to your clients.

Data Backup for Commercial Real Estate IT Systems

Data backup is essential for commercial real estate firms. Protecting client records and confidential data necessitates continuous monitoring and testing of backup systems. Our cybersecurity experts at AdvaTech ensure your data’s safety, offering peace of mind. Trust us for dependable data backup solutions customized to your firm’s requirements.

Vendor Management

As your reliable partner in commercial real estate technology, AdvaTech collaborates closely with your software vendors, internet service provider, copier companies, and hardware vendors to ensure seamless integration and compatibility with your IT systems. Depend on us to skillfully manage your technology vendors and maintain the smooth operation of your real estate firm’s IT infrastructure.

Commercial Real Estate Phone Solutions

Revolutionize real estate communication with secure and reliable VoIP phone service. Enhance client connectivity through advanced call routing and voicemail to email features. We provide tailored solutions that meet industry standards, ensuring seamless and efficient communication for commercial real estate firms. Trust in the power of VoIP.

A Few Benefits of AdvaTech's Managed Real Estate IT Support Solutions

Rapid Response to Real Estate IT IssuesEnjoy fast and personalized technical support designed for commercial real estate companies. Our skilled team minimizes downtime, addresses issues quickly, and ensures your business operations continue seamlessly.

Data Privacy and PCI Compliance ExpertiseSeamlessly navigate through complex real estate regulations with the expert guidance of our Commercial Real Estate IT support professionals. Effortlessly stay ahead of compliance requirements, ensuring your business is safeguarded and shielded from costly penalties.

Budget-Friendly Commercial Real Estate ITMaximize your IT investments while maintaining your budget. Our Commercial Real Estate focused IT provides cost-efficient solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring optimal value for your investment at a fixed monthly rate.

Transaction Capacity OptimizationCarry out transactions more swiftly and guarantee a smooth closing with enhanced computer and network performance. Enable your commercial real estate team to operate efficiently, boost productivity, and produce seamless results.

Seasoned (CRE) IT ProfessionalsHave peace of mind knowing that your commercial real estate's IT infrastructure is managed by experienced and knowledgeable experts. Rely on the skills of seasoned IT professionals who specialize in the real estate sector and can effectively tackle your unique challenges.

Boost Staff and Client SatisfactionEquip your commercial real estate team with reliable and efficient technology solutions. Our managed IT support services eradicate troubling tech issues, allowing them to focus on critical tasks. Experience enhanced job satisfaction and an engaged workforce, leading to a more content team and satisfied clients.

Commercial Real Estate Firms in Dallas and Beyond
Rely on AdvaTech for Secure Efficient (CRE) IT Operations

As a commercial real estate firm, you recognize the essential part IT support plays in upholding secure and streamlined operations. Collaborating with the right IT support company can offer the technical know-how and peace of mind necessary to safeguard your business. At AdvaTech Solutions, we excel in providing comprehensive IT support specifically designed for the distinct needs of small to medium-sized commercial real estate companies across the country.

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Dell / HP / Lenovo

Microsoft 365

SharePoint / Teams

VPN / Remote Access

Examples of How We Help with Commercial Real Estate IT Issues

Efficiently Resolve Delays in CRE Transactions

We recognize the significance of delivering outstanding service to your clients. However, sluggish and inconsistent systems can obstruct this objective. This is where our IT team, with extensive experience in Commercial Real Estate, steps in to promptly rectify any slowdowns caused by these technological challenges.

Securely Access Data from Anywhere

AdvaTech understands the critical nature of your commercial real estate business and the importance of having secure, immediate access to vital documents like contracts, property flyers, or time-sensitive materials. With our advanced IT solutions, we ensure that your data is not only secure but also readily accessible when you need it.

Optimize Device Integration into your CRE IT Network

Seamlessly incorporate vital devices like bank check scanners, copiers, printers, and wireless solutions into your commercial real estate network. Our specialized IT team excels in effortless device integration, guaranteeing peak performance and streamlined efficiency for your real estate operations.

Simplify the Onboarding/Offboarding Process for Your Staff

When it comes to commercial real estate firms, we recognize the significance of a streamlined and efficient onboarding and offboarding process for new team members, including Property Managers, Real Estate Brokers, and Lease Administrators. Our professional IT team specializes in optimizing this crucial process, ensuring a seamless transition for both your firm and your new recruits.

Better Interoperability and Communication Between Departments

AdvaTech enhances communication and interoperability in commercial real estate firms using Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Teams. We streamline collaboration, enable seamless data sharing, and boost productivity across departments, allowing your team to work effortlessly from any device, anywhere.

Why Choose AdvaTech Solutions as Your
Commercial Real Estate IT Provider

25+ Years of Reliable IT Support

We Understand Your Technology Challenges

A local IT Support Business (not a one-man band)

Fast IT Support (no waiting days for a response)

IT Support Planning (Avoid Business Interruptions)

Faster IT Systems Allowing For Better Productivity

Fixed Monthly Costs, Allowing For Easy Budgeting

Regular Reporting So You Know What’s Happening

Reduced Downtime With Proactive Monitoring


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We’d like to learn more about your business and the challenges you’re facing. Let’s schedule a brief 10-minute discovery call to see if AdvaTech Solutions is the right fit for you. During the call, we’ll discuss how we can help you overcome the obstacles you’re currently experiencing.

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Commercial Real Estate IT Solutions
Frequently Asked Question's

What is included in your CRE IT services package?

AdvaTech offers tailored IT packages for commercial real estate firms, providing cloud services, VoIP, cybersecurity, help desk support, and advanced IT assistance. Our services include 24/7 remote monitoring, preventative maintenance, performance reporting, and managing vendors, carriers, hardware lifecycle, and licenses. Customizable to meet your needs, AdvaTech ensures comprehensive IT management coverage for your firm.

What can I expect from a CRE IT consultation with AdvaTech Solutions?

AdvaTech Solutions provides a no-obligation discovery consultation for commercial real estate firms seeking expert IT strategy guidance. Our experienced team will carefully assess your current situation, offering personalized recommendations to securely enhance your operations. The decision to partner with AdvaTech is entirely yours, and our goal is to empower your firm with comprehensive insights.

Why choose AdvaTech over other managed IT service providers?

At AdvaTech Solutions, we specialize in providing secure IT management services for commercial real estate firms, leveraging our unmatched experience, training, technology, and resources. Distinct from other Managed Service Providers, our strategic foresight allows us to offer guidance and support that extends beyond immediate needs, ensuring your firm’s IT infrastructure is future-proof.

What if my Commercial Real Estate firm already has an IT Staff?

Discover the benefits of co-managed IT services designed for commercial real estate firms. Our collaborative approach integrates with your existing IT team, offering specialized expertise and support. Benefit from a dedicated team that understands the unique challenges of real estate businesses, ensuring enhanced security, streamlined operations, and improved client service. From proactive monitoring to efficient system upgrades, our co-managed IT solutions empower your firm to excel in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Partner with us to maximize your organization’s IT infrastructure potential.

How much will your CRE-focused Managed IT Solutions cost my firm?

Wondering about the cost of our Managed IT Services for your commercial real estate firm? Our pricing is strategically designed to offer premier support at competitive rates. We take into account variables like employee count, computer usage, security needs, and relevant regulations. Opting for our services offers an economical solution for your IT management, with our transparent flat-rate pricing simplifying budget planning.

Book A 10 minute Discovery Call

We’d like to learn more about your business and the challenges you’re facing. Let’s schedule a brief 10-minute discovery call to see if AdvaTech Solutions is the right fit for you. During the call, we’ll discuss how we can help you overcome the obstacles you’re currently experiencing.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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