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3 Ways to Stay Safe Using the Cloud

By now most businesses large and small have begun to transfer their systems to the cloud. It has been proven that usage of a cloud has been helpful in the productivity of a business and also beneficial when systems crash and things would be hopeless without the cloud and the built-in data backups the cloud leverages.

Although the cloud is a safe haven for business information, like all things, there is never a 100 percent guarantee. Based on the cloud company your business goes with, clouds are open to several issues if there is a lack of IT support. However, it must be known that most cloud issues are due to user error and not understanding how to be smart about the security of a cloud-based system.

A business needs to know how to initially stay safe while using the cloud. Here are three top ways to avoid insider threats and legal liability while storing your vital information in the cloud.

1. Ensure the Security of Your Devices

If you are accessing a cloud-based system you are most likely doing so from a laptop or mobile phone. It is extremely important that you make sure the device that you are using to access the cloud is a secure one.

We recommend not using a device that you would use to access things like social media accounts or free e-mail accounts like Gmail. Stick with a laptop or work-based computer and have your local Dallas IT support team install strong firewalls, antivirus, and spam-filtering software to your device.

2. Always Keep a Backup

Yes, your cloud-based system is perfect for keeping your devices at work and at home clear of being flooded with files and documents. We understand that you want to have space on your devices to maximize productivity. However, in the case where an account happens to be hacked or the data becomes corrupted, it is important to have another backup of your data.

This backup can be performed by your local IT support company at little cost to your business. There are several types of external hard drives that are capable of storing your backup data in the case of an emergency breach.

3. Get a Stronger Password

This may seem like an obvious safety precaution but far too many people rely on the simplicity of a password just so they can remember it. Your password needs to be strong, unique, and not your birthday. According to an article on How to Geek’s website, your password should:

  • Have 12 minimum character count
  • Include numbers, symbols, capital and lower-case letters
  • Does not rely on obvious situations
  • As an added layer of protection consider 2-Factor Authentication

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