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5 Largest Malware Threats IT Support Can Help You Avoid

IT support is in charge of taking care of the businesses that hire them. Your IT support company that handles your technology is in place to ensure that viruses and malware can’t break through your business’ systems.

However, like all things technology, the threats to your internal security are in a constant state of evolution. Your Dallas IT services provider is your best source for disaster recovery and information regarding some of the most recent threats. Here is a list of some of the top contenders that have surfaced within the past year.

1. Ransomware

Ransomware is a form of malware attack that can cost your company a large sum of money should you fall victim. In a ransomware attack, files and entire systems are held captive via encryption. The files are only then freed once victims pay a sum of money through a program like Bitcoin. Ransomware attacks have taken out entire networks as displayed through 2016’s instance of Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center.

Since these attacks are focusing on important files and systems, most victims will pay the ransom. Your Dallas IT support can help train your employees to keep an eye out for signs that your business’ files or systems may be under attack.

2. Android Malware

A more recent form of malware is that of mobile malware. Since most of our phones are connected to work systems these days, mobile malware poses a very unique threat to the tech security of a small business.

Our smartphones contain loads of information that we want kept secret. This includes:

  • Passwords
  • Credit Card info
  • Company-owned information
  • Private user information

Although security updates have been put in place for mobile phones, they are still at risk for being attacked by a Switcher Trojan malware that uses Android devices to infect routers and place them under attacker-controlled networks.

3. Dallas IT Support Can Catch Malvertising

Your Dallas IT support company should be keeping themselves up to date on the latest malvertising campaigns that are plaguing users on a daily basis. The danger of these malware types is that users simply have to visit a page with the infected ad to become a victim. No action is required to acquire this malware on your system. The infection of your system even occurs without you knowing it has taken place. Before you know it, cyber crooks now have access to your personal information.

4. Financial Malware

These types of malware are exactly what the name makes them out to be. Through a man-in-the-browser keystroke logging, your credit card and banking information can be easily acquired the instant you make an unfortunate purchase on an item.

5. Trojans

Trojans are one of the most typical forms of malware that Dallas IT support can find and eliminate from your business’ system. Trojans can be used by using click fraud malware, spam email attachments, small files that sneak into your system on a click, and more. Working with your Dallas IT Services company to identify these threats puts you at a large advantage against crooks trying to steal from your company.

Advatech Solutions Can Solve Your Problem

If your system is constantly being affected by malware issues, it is past time for your business to turn to an IT support business you can trust. At Advatech Solutions we offer managed IT support that is a cost-effective alternative to hiring internal staff. If you have any questions about our managed IT support or our other services, call us today.