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We Want To Give You 2-Free Hours Of IT Support To Solve Your Toughest Technology Problems Or Conduct A 57-Point IT Systems Security And Performance Assessment

After this Assessment you’ll get answers to key questions such as:

Are your IT systems truly secured from hackers, cyber-criminals, viruses, worms, and even sabotage from rogue employees? If you’re not getting weekly security patch updates from your current IT person, your IT systems are probably not truly secured.
Are your backups configured properly to ensure that your could be back up and running again fast in a disaster? In 99% of the computer networks we’ve reviewed over the years, the owners were shocked to learn this wasn’t happening.‌
Are you unknowingly exposing your company to expensive fines and litigation by failing to meet regulatory compliance standards like HIPAA, PCI-DSS, or SOX?‌
Could you utilize cheaper and more efficient cloud-computing technologies to lower IT costs and make it easier to work remotely?
Are your systems optimized for maximum speed and performance?

*Due to the popularity of this complimentary service we must ask that you have approximately 10 or more computers/laptops, 1 server, and be located in the Dallas Fort-Worth Metroplex to qualify.

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