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What Is A Managed IT Department and How Can It Help A Business Like Yours?

A Managed IT Department provides complete technology management and IT support for your computers, servers, cloud, and applications. Companies outsourcing their IT services to trained professionals receive a more cost-effective with more manageable technology to give businesses like yourself the time to focus back on business growth. Here is a list of what top services Managed IT Departments include.

IT Support

Remote IT Support is where trained professionals proactively support, update, and manage all your computers, servers, and network equipment remotely. If a managed service provider is unable to resolve an issue remotely, they will dispatch a technician to your location. Onsite IT Support allows for visible inspection of the network, which can help avoid pending outages, and supports other unforeseen troubleshooting and repairs. Having both remote and onsite IT support guarantees your business will experience minimal downtime allowing your business to function at optimal performance.

Your DFW managed IT support provider works directly with your employees to keep an eye out for signs that your business systems are functioning correctly. This aids in proactive IT support for your business, whether it is remote or onsite.

Helpdesk With 24x7 Monitoring

Helpdesk support allows for a live technician via telephone to quickly resolve issues remotely to avoid any downtime for your office. Additionally, the 24×7 system monitoring is where every aspect of your network systems monitored, allowing for quick location of specific issues, identified them, and resolve them long before they become critical situations that result in the prevention of downtime for your business.

Since COVID-19, businesses have had to make the crucial shift to working remotely, and as many companies like yourself begin to open back up, managed services, such as the helpdesk and 24×7 system monitoring resulting in peace of mind for your company, your employees, and yourself in these uncertain times.

Proactive Maintenance & Managed Cyber Security Services

Proactive maintenance is after-hours scheduled maintenance, which is critical to maintaining maximum uptime. Servers, PC’s, and other network equipment will undergo regularly scheduled maintenance to ensure all functions are working optimally. The right managed IT service can prevent less downtime in your company, allowing you to run at optimal performance. Managed Cyber Security Services provide you with Antivirus, SPAM filtering, Firewall management, , but also provide IT compliance reporting you need if audited.

MSP Services keep your network security safe through critical and mandated regulatory compliance standards such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, and GLBA.

Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

With Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery, your data is backed up and stored both locally and securely in the cloud. If a problem occurs, you can retrieve your data from your onsite backup system if that fails, for instance, due to fire, flood, or earthquake, all your critical information is in the cloud where you always have access to it, anytime, anyplace.

Microsoft Cloud offers an array of secure cloud applications. Your business can reap the benefits from managed services IT including, enterprise-class applications without the burden, expense, or resources required for in-house management.

– Applications for Medical Practices
– Financial Applications (QuickBooks)
– Microsoft Exchange
– Microsoft SharePoint

Vendor Management

Managed IT becomes the central hub for your technology vendors. Technicians work directly with your internet providers, copier companies, hardware vendors, and software providers to ensure compatibility throughout your systems and to avoid any potential finger-pointing if things go wrong.

IT Managed Services Providers can allow your business to focus solely on business matters while leaving the inconveniences of technology to professional technicians to manage behind the scenes preventing downtime and giving security to your company.

Advatech Solutions Can Solve Your Problem

At AdvaTech Solutions, we offer businesses like yours, a managed IT department with each of these, managed IT solutions, and more at an all-inclusive flat monthly rate. We are a cost-effective alternative to hiring internal staff with services including a bilingual U.S. based helpdesk and 24×7 system monitoring to help keep your business secure and running without downtime.

We pride ourselves on being a veteran-owned company in the IT industry for 24 years. AdvaTech focuses on deploying, managing, and supporting your entire computer network so you can focus on your business.

If you have any questions about our Managed IT Department or our Managed IT Services, call us today for simple, affordable, and head-ache free managed IT and find out how to get a FREE network audit for your companies systems.