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Talking Technology Security with Parents During the Holidays

It always seems that the generation before your own is a few steps behind when it comes to using current technology. Having the conversation about ways for your parents to protect themselves online can be a difficult one, especially if you have parents who think they know it all, yet still ask you how to turn on “The Netflix.”

Internet safety is always an important conversation and your parents should know how to protect themselves. From cloud technology to resetting passwords correctly, there are many directions that your conversation can take. Here are a couple of talking points that may make your conversation one that runs smoothly at the dinner table this holiday season.

Watch Your Language!

When you start the conversation, of the dangers online these days, try to avoid jumping straight in with lingo and jargon that will leave their heads spinning. Try to keep to the basics like

Explain to your family that they are not as safe as they think that they are and that some of these talking points will help keep them secure, especially during the holiday season.

Password Management

Many people believe that their passwords are always going to keep their data safe and secure. Sadly, many people will find themselves wrong in this assumption. If someone wants to get into your business that much they will take the time to consider the many variants of passwords that you may use.

We recommend that you change your passwords for all of your big accounts and apps at least every six months. As far as safety when selecting a new password, we recommend avoiding:

  • Special Dates
  • Pet Names
  • Your Name
  • Numbers in consecutive order

Get Used to the Cloud-Based System

Even our phones have begun to make the cloud something that is seemingly useful in daily life. You no longer have to be a big business to gain the benefits of working with a cloud-based system for your digital valuables.

One way to explain the importance of the cloud is to discuss the example of when a phone becomes too full of storage from photos, documents, and video clips. Explain to your family how a cloud-based system allows you to store these things in a database that is both safe and not liable to take up a lot of space on your device.

Data Recovery

Talk to your family about getting in touch with a local IT support company that can assist with data recovery should they fall victim to phishing scams, trojans, or any other type of deadly computer virus. Your family definitely holds their important documents on computers and it is equally important that they understand that even when these things get lost, there are companies out there that specialize in recovery of data.

Local Dallas IT Support Can Help Your Family Rest at Ease

If you have elderly family members who worry about the security of their digital devices, keep the conversation simple. Let them know that AdvaTech Solutions is a company that can help them solve their problems with products like the AdvaStart Cloud and data recovery systemsCall today for more information about our services.